• Every day, 3.5 billion malicious Tweets spread spam and viruses
  •   Current threat level: High
  • Compromised accounts posting around 20messages a minute
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Social Media, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter spam and malware protection.

  • Unsolicited messages.
  • My account is sending out unauthorized messages.
  • Facebook scams

Social media spam can significantly damage a brand and turn fans and followers into foes. What sets social media spam apart from traditional spam (e.g., email) is that it’s 1 to many vs. 1 to 1, and few organizations have any defensive tools to stop it. Spammers can target entire communities with a single post, and leverage your community to unwittingly Like and share the post with others. This increases both the challenge and necessity to root out social media spam.

Devin Redmond, Social Media Today

40% of accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are spam.

More than half of all direct Social Media messages, mentions, FaceBook messages are unsolicited or malware attacks. Lionytics™ continuously scans for content that potentially can harm your online presence, giving you the peace of mind knowing you’re protected from unsolicited content and malware.

Lionytics™ feature list is compact, but packs a powerful punch. It is the most advanced tool for social media to combat spam & malware attacks.  Lionytics™ also scans your tweets and FaceBook messages to make sure 3rd party applications are not posting content without your knowledge.

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Lionytics™ automatically removes any unsolicited content from your social media account(s). You don't have to do a thing!